Custom Skins For Corporates

Does your business need custom laptop skins

Make an impression with our laptop skins. This unique, affordable method of branding will have your team noticed where ever they go.  Our laptop skins are ideal for corporates and promotional companies.

Our exceptional quality laptop skins are printed at high resolution and laminated for protection ensuring your skin makes an unforgettable impression. Laptop skins are both attractive and practical protecting laptops from scratches.

How does sizing work?

Our laptop skins fit perfectly every time.  When placing your order we ask you to measure your laptops and we make sure we cut each laptop skin to give you the perfect fit.  

Boardroom laptop skins
How to measure for a laptop skin

Use a ruler or even better, a tape measure to measure the width of your laptop cover as well as well as the height.  Don’t measure all the way to the edge, leave about 5mm all the way around. Double check your measurements and send us the size in mm for example 370x270mm.  Your skin will be cut to fit perfectly with rounded corners.  The rounded corners not only makes your skin look great but prevents your skin from lifting.

laptop skin application
laptop skin application

Are they easy to apply?

Laptop skins are really easy to apply.  We have made an instructional video which gives you a step by step overview on how it is done.  If you still don’t feel confident to apply the skins yourself request a quote for an applicator to come out and assist you.

Are they easy to remove?

Our skins are as easy to remove as they are to apply.  Once removed the skins do not leave a residue on the laptop leaving your laptop ready for a new skin and a new look.  Skins are affordable and can be changed regularly.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes, our minimum order quantity is 5 laptop skins.

Do I need my own design? 

Don’t worry if you don’t have your design, our Team of designers can help you with your laptop skin design. You can also choose one of our standard backgrounds which will make your logo look great.

Does your business need custom laptop skins

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